What I Bring to the Table

Consultancy Rates

Short Term

Remote Work: ₹2800/hr | Onsite Work: ₹3900/hr

Retainer Fee: ₹1,30,000/month

Long Term (6 month)

Remote Work: ₹2400/hr | Onsite Work: ₹3200/hr

Retainer Fee: ₹7,00,000

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Provide services in the capacities of Front-end engineer, Back-end engineer, DevOps engineer, SRE and DBA

A Project I am Proud Of

Meeti: Revolutionizing Social Media

In collaboration with a friend, we undertook a pioneering initiative to transform social media, focusing on deepening physical interactions and enriching virtual communication.

  • Developed unique features like pincode and interest-based micro-groups to foster meaningful engagement
  • Built an interactive platform comprising a messaging system, news feed, and moodboards, prioritizing emotional expression and user stories.
  • Integrated an emergency alert feature, emphasizing safety and community well-being.
  • Crafted the backend in Golang and an Android app in Java, ensuring a fluid user experience. Deployed on AWS with Postgres and PgBouncer for robust performance.

  • Our endeavor was not merely technological innovation but a step towards creating a digital space that genuinely connects people.

    Professional Experience

    Director of Engineering - YesMadam (Sep 2023 - Dec 2023)

    • Got a feature shipped which Increased Average Ticket Size by 50%
    • Shipped a feature which Increased conversion from Homepage to Cart Screen by 20%
    • A newly implemented chatbot feature significantly reduced the rate of customer issue calls, enhancing the overall user experience effectively.
    • Got a chat with service provider(sp) feature shipped to improve user experience for both sp and user.
    • Reduced AWS Infra Cost by 29% (33084$) by changing application and infra code, reduced latency of static data and improved scalability of Application by changing way of running app.
    • Improved 99p of application by 5 seconds to "<1.4 second" by tuning JVM and Tomcat parameters
    • Improved existing processes between marketing and ops to support them and give better experience to our users. All of this was enabled by the change in the way we were deploying application.
    • Moved the team from Manual testing to Automated testing using Appium, saving developer time and company cost spent towards testing.
    • Undertook Seo project using Strapi and Nextjs 13 to generate 148155 pages to reduce Customer Acquisition Cost.

    Backend and Infra Engineer - FrontPage (Feb 2023 - Sep 2023)

    • Upgraded a self-hosted Elasticsearch Cluster with 1.35 billion documents from 6.2.1 to 8.6.2. Reduced 95th percentile for search requests by 300%, bringing it under 1.5 seconds. Running on the same infrastructure.
    • Reduced the 99th percentile of API requests from 7 seconds to less than 1 second by debugging and running on the same infrastructure.
    • Managed Redis in Cluster Mode, including splitting, migrating, slot pinning, sharding, and resharding with near-zero downtime as user growth varied.
    • Brought visibility to the organization by adding Prometheus metrics across APIs and infrastructure. Set up alerts for early failure detection. Created a variety of dashboards to manage Redis, Elastic, load balancers, and API performance.
    • Created a new VPC, Subnet, set up VPC peering, and split development services from Production. Created a new Kubernetes cluster and migrated all development environment services from the production cluster to the new cluster. Ran the development cluster entirely on spot instances.
    • Deployed and managed OpenVPN services for Development and Production VPCs in GCP.
    • Built an MCX-Exchange (Commodity) data-feed socket subscriber in Golang.
    • Built a Finance Chat service from scratch using OpenAI APIs.

    Backend and Infra Engineer - Nucash (Aug 2022 - Feb 2023)

    • Redesigned encryption to avoid KMS rate limiting and improved latency by 900ms.
    • Improved CI-CD pipeline for multistage deployment using Jenkins. Improved latency by 5 minutes.
    • Provided visibility and monitoring for EKS and services performance to the whole team via a suite of tools like OpenTelemetry, Lens, making the life of developers easier.
    • Improved communications and code review inside the team.
    • Made services stable and standardized errors and logging across multiple services and languages.
    • Reduced cost of AWS by around $18,000 using a series of optimizations like spot instances.
    • Designed a fault-tolerant account opening flow.
    • Added multi-language async-task worker for Golang and Python.
    • Created distributed cron for Golang from scratch using RedLock.
    • Developed and deployed microservices in Golang and Python.
    • Created Python scripts to manage multi-account Terraform.
    • Created infrastructure for multi-AZ Kubernetes deployment.
    • Worked with banking partners for security compliance.
    • Deployed and managed our own SigNoz platform (Datadog alternative) with a distributed ClickHouse cluster as a backend for saving for logging, metrics, and trace.

    Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation) (Jan 2021 - Aug 2022)

    After Graduating, went on to work for Sony Interactive Entertainment located in Tokyo.

    • Authored internal design document for EKS testing, scalability, and policy management.
    • Implemented compliance testing using Kube-Bench and configuration testing using Terratest.
    • Integrated global Kubernetes policy management pipeline using Kyverno.
    • Responsible for managing, maintaining, and creating various high-traffic ECS and Lambda services.
    • Responsible for creating deployments using CodeDeploy and CloudFormation.
    • Rightsized the DB and compute instances to save $100,000 a year.
    • Migrated Services from ECS to EKS. Responsible for managing those services at large scale (80,000/min).
    • Wrote Terraform Modules for RDS and Datadog alarms and dashboard.
    • Worked with a Global Team of 25 people spread across three different time zones and continents, to manage PlayStation Changes and Deployment. All of this was done while communicating in English and Japanese.


    Ashit Joshi (Founder, Nucash)

    I worked with Apoorva while at NuCash. He was the rising star at NuCash and came in at a time when we were in a transition phase. He came in and not only took over the full backend technology but also built an amazing team of talented engineers who were hungry to make an impact. He optimized our technology function end to end starting from building an in-house technology team [...]

    Rupesh Bansal (Software Engineer, Google)

    From the start, Apoorva impressed me with their remarkable creativity. He consistently brought fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the table, challenging the status quo and pushing our team to think outside the box. Whether it was brainstorming new features optimizing code, or tackling complex bugs, their ideas were always insightful [...]